Learning For Change

Global competence is essential to understand multiple perspectives and succeed in our interconnected world. This project explores how we can raise awareness of global educational inequality among American youth to change their attitudes towards education and those who need help.


  • Translated learners’ needs into design objectives.
  • Researched and analyzed user behaviors and environments.
  • Defined and designed an instruction.
  • Drafted storyboards.
  • Designed the interaction of the new process (sketches, wireframes).
  • Front-end web development.


Findings from interviews with middle school students and a teacher in New Jersey

  • Students want to help other children from developing countries like Africa, but most of their time is spent in school and extracurricular activities.
  • They find it difficult to find legitimate online learning communities that foster such student global activities.


  • Target: middle school girls.
  • Setting: an after-school program format.
  • Instructor-led, group-based activities with a web-based instructional platform where students can share opinions with developing countries’ students and NGOs by video chat as well as online discussion forums.
  • Access facts and data through impactful movies and stories.
  • Computer Supported Collaborative Learning.





Landing page coding