Zoom in!

Zoom in! is a web-based platform to promote literacy and critical thinking skills among middle school students.

According to the Nation’s Report Card 2014, only 18% of eighth-graders are proficient in U.S. history. Zoom in! is an online learning environment to support students’ mastery of  content and skills required by the common core standards. During the project, I conducted an effectiveness evaluation by comparing student writings before and after the instruction with Zoom in!


You can find the evaluation criteria below:


My role 

  1. I evaluated the effectiveness of the platform by comparing students writing before and after the instruction.

I used a randomizer (https://www.randomizer.org/) as a tool to deidentify students’               data in order to protect their privacy.  For the data correlation, I gathered the                           following data from the National Center for Education Sciences for each participating           class.

  • Total number of students in the school and district
  • Average class size
  • Teacher/students ratio
  • Number of students who are eligible for free lunch
  • Number of students with limited English proficiency
  • Annual attendance rate
  • Student race ratio
  • Percentage of ELA assessment level 3 & 4

2. I worked for media development.

  • I imported lesson content to the LMS developed in-house.
  • I managed digital assets, collected copyright information for them, and added on the website, if necessary.


3. I took screenshots of each lesson, created lesson preview PDFs for teachers.

It was a great honor for me to have a chance to work with two pioneers of educational media research and development: Bill Tally and Jeffrey Nelson.




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